Whats your favorite Yoyo manufactured from OD

Nickel Vs Newton Battosai -

OG 54 with stunt peg side effects -

Burnside -

Pretty much all of them I’ve tried I liked other than the Gradient.


Sugar Glider

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I like all my OD’s for various reasons, but I guess if I had to get rid of all of them except one I’d keep my VTwo. I love the finish on it and the way it feels. I can’t believe how lifeless my YoYo Factory throws feel after starting to play OD’s.

For reference I have a VTwo, Overture, Sugar Glider, and Free Solo

Trying to decide between picking up a Virtuoso or Burnside 20/20 as my next one.


One drop and G2 made me basically never throw a yyf again

I might have to try a G2. I love my Vtwo so much it’s the first yo-yo I’ve bought multiple colors of.

Anyone have any advice on Virtuoso or Burnside 20/20 for my next one?

Both Great. Been playing Burnside 2020 a lot, but Virtuoso one of my favorite ODs.

There are some really good YYFs. The edge series is probably their best currently, with the OG Edge being the best bimetal I’ve ever played to date. Also 888s, DNAs, genesis, supernovas, etc are all amazing.


I love my Life, both Kuntoshs, Intro, Parlays, Sudo, A-RTs and Spinworthys with Cabal guts, and my Downbeat.

The only ones I didn’t really connect with are the Gauntlet, 420, Par Avion, and MMC. They’re good, but IDK…?

My favorites are the Weekender, Deep State, Quail, and a Spinworthy delrin.

My numero uno however, might be my ugliest yoyo.

The Dietz, pictured here with the Rain City Skills Caps:

I tried to make it an ugly setting.


What’s ugly about it? I love the colors of the splash and the cuts are interesting.

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Dang 2.

Parlay is a close second.



can you actually do any tricks with those pegs? if love to see some

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these are my next yoyos. panorama on the way- going through customs now. and if the mmcmo ever shows its face im gonna nab that B


I like the shape. That colorway is just hideous to my eyes. Is that the YYE colorway?

I like Black and Red, but with the silver in there… Yuck!

It’s got magic in it, though!


Loved the Dietz! The proto one that came later too, the Halifax iirc.

I could do the minimal, like landing on the string and watch it precess around lol. Then hop to yoyo or other side stunt peg. Spin in a loop on the string like you would a top or gyroscope. I had them when I first started yoyo so someone with more skill or imagination could tell you much more.

Yep! :slight_smile: On a 2010 888.


Have you tried one in premium splash?

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yes it was the halifax

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Sugar Glider was really good. Though MarkMont projects are great either.

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I went to the OD website to research and they (Halifax) are in the store! But tweaked some it said. I thought the Dietz came first but I guess it was the same time according to them.

They started working on the Halifax design a while back but didn’t release it until last year. I think it was one of the potential prototypes that resulted in the Dietz. Kinda like the Sugar glider and the Cascade.