What's Your Favorite Brand And Yoyo


This is a topic to share with the people about what your favorite yoyo brand is and what yoyo out of that brand is your favorite. I’ll start



I can’t take it anymore.

People need to stop posting duplicate topics. Especially for information THAT’S RIGHT UNDER THE PERSON’S USERNAME.

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Because everyone updates their profiles in a timely fashion.

Because its so much easier searching through countless threads to see everyone’s fav. Yoyo.

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You don’t know this yet, you will in time, but there is a set of questions (whats your favorite yoyo, favorite string, favorite company, which should I buy!!!, etc…) that gets asked daily on here. Sometimes multiple times a day. It gets ridiculous, and we know, well at least i know, you mean well by asking questions that you think would provoke good conversation.

And it does!..the first time its asked…but its ridiculous now.

So dont take it like the whole forum hates you, its just those kinds of questions. Dont let it deter you from asking questions either, just use the search bar on top first, and if you can’t find what you asking for, make a topic, but ask in a way that is more useful to others.


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