What's with all the ponies? Just asking

I see ponies everywhere on this forum. I’m kinda confused. :-\ A lot of the pictures are from the same cartoon. What is that and why is there such a huge obsession? (asking,not judging) :wink:

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Find out for yourself…

(and this is one of the ones that SCIENCE tells us to use for those who know what I’m talking about. XD)

Or you could watch the pilot. But, you know, science.




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Actually I thought it was “party of one…”.

But any ways best show ever! Pick an episode and it should be good. Thousands of men agree it’s the best show ever.

Here is a break down of it… (It’s off of another site so don’t blame me for the NSFW and vulgarity you might see.)

so i was looking around. i found this. PERFECT for the friday spam i was spamming.


You know it!


i think there are now 3 pony threads

“Even though it rides high on the flank Rainbow won’t look like a tank.”

YYE just got 20% cooler

woohoo!!! another brony :slight_smile:

I disagree with Party of One being the one science tells us to use… partially because Pinkie’s insanity might be less enjoyable if it’s the first episode someone watches.

True enough… I wouldn’t want to scare them off…

Is it just me or does this picture look like some kind of unholy union of MLP and Friday. Back seat stupid.

I do agree Twilight Sparkle isn’t as silly as Rebecca Black… But I do relies how much time that person put into making that and it does look good.

Oh that’s what they were literally going for. :o. Now I feel dumb. Well at least they got the better moment before she asked which seat. Not to mention good color scheme, and really impressive creativity.

the poor man’s unicorn…

i love the friday parody dooms day. “…waving a damnation sign! which sign will i hold???(sign comes up saying “god hates friday”) its doomsday doomsday gotta get dead on doomsday! everybodies looking forward to the rapture!”

I’m not sure. I just don’t care. I’m ignoring all I see about it. I have my opinions, and that’s the way it’s gonna stay. I’m just not gonna get involved. Anyone who tries to get me to watch it is going on my perma-ignore list though 8)