What's this trick called?

The last couple weeks I’ve been trying to learn some slacks, whips, lacerations, etc. There is this one thing I do and I don’t know what it’s called. You whip it just like a wrist whip but instead of swinging around your wrist all the strings goes around your pointer finger finger and lands just like a trapeze locked onto your TH pointer.

I like doing that trick then following it with a Jade Whip, which I also just learned (and boy do I love doing it, so much fun). I really like the way slacks and whips feel, though they are much harder for me to land.

Thanks to anyone and all.

side ways plastic whip? i do that all the time.

sideways plastic whip.

Yep… it’s a side plastic whip and also a good and very easy way for doing one full gyroscopic flop.

One that I started to try to learn now it’s something that looks like a double plastic whip… you do it like the plastic whip but two times and the first time the string passes right next to the yoyo instead of the yoyo… by this you get an extra wrap around your finger besides the plastic whip itself.

Keep it spinnin’ :slight_smile:

You should’ve known.