What's the point of this thread?

What’s the point of this thread? Discuss

there are many points :

This Is Sparta!
Stare (for the bronies)
Guitar Hero
My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things


My Favorite Things…

Ok, now we just need a seven sided coin to decide.

Speaking of Rockband…

I find this amazing…

Does anypony know where I can find a seven sided coin?

At you local Wal-Mart :slight_smile:

Just get a Dungeons and dragons set of game dice and make list of a lot more possibilities

But coins are more fun. Especially if you can find a seven sided one.

you could always weld coins together :slight_smile:

u can always just get a harry potter set :smiley:

Well it better have a seven sided coin is all I can say…

Official Raphael Appreciation thread is long overdue

List of things to appreciate from me:

  1. He gives the best hugs
  2. All of the above

1.His poems
2.His puns
3.His hugs

Awwww you like-a- the poeeems?

Of course I do!

Trace Appreciation thread

  1. He’s a boss
  2. His name rhymes with Cake
  3. he has ACE in his online name
  4. He doesn’t only hit puberty. He does a finishing move on it
  5. He can get a big mac at burger king
  6. I skipped 5
  7. Whenever Trace Drinks Diet soda, there is no funny aftertaste
  8. He can breathe fire
  9. He can moonwalk over quick sand
    This is all true


1.He has two girls.
2.He can rhyme like no other!
3.He can get triple chills in his sleep.
4.His avatar’s the boss.
5.He’s the man now dog!

  1. None
  2. Hoodie Allen
  3. Watch me play CoD you will feel my pain everytime I get a Hitmarker
  4. True
  5. True


can count to six