whats the best string????

whats the best string for high quality yoyos???

Polyester string is most commonly used.

However, I would highly recommend making your own yoyo string. It’s easy, fun, and you get to control the kind of string you make.

I would recommend size 69 nylon thread.


Nylon string lasts months as compared to polyester string which lasts hours. A 6000 yard spool will last for a damn long time.

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My personal preference is slick 8 (50/50 cotton/poly). I prefer it to slick 6 because it doesn’t cut into my fingers as much. Don’t care for 100% poly. Actually I really like 100% cotton, but it doesn’t last long at all, so slick 8 wins.

It’s like buying a yoyo. You need to figure out for yourself what you like.

the one that you can use.

my favourite is hamstring, but I also haven’t tried everything out there.