Whats the best setting on a Loop 900, how do you get them even?

Ok, got my Shaqler Loop 900 pair, they are great! Im having trouble with sleep time. Obviously if the gap is wider it sleeps longer, but its less responsive.

So, Any tips on how to adjust them to the same setting?

What setting makes them sleep long enough for tanglers aroud the world and wraps, but is responsive enough to do loops and other regens?

Should be able to use any sort of spacer. Get a wedge of something that’s the width you want. A couple of washers. A piece of stiff cardboard or veneer… some thin plastic from a toy. A thick piece of glass… an alan key…

You just need something consistent that you can stick in there.

Or, zero both of them and turn “X#” of times. Although manufacturing differences and human error make me think a spacer is the more accurate way to go.

They are loopers. You want responsiveness. I start at zero and then just release a tiny bit at a time until they just start to sleep and then that’s good. You might want to lube your bearing as well.

Smart, i can sorta i ball it, but not perfectly.

They currently are the same, but I don’t get very much spin time. Great for loops! Should I just release some more?

Also Studio, I did 1 drop of 3 in 1. Would thin lube be better? Or anything els you recommend?

For a looper 3-in-1 is better than thin lube.

Good tip, until now I always had to throw-adjust-repeat. Never thought of something that simple and easy. :smiley:

When I made my own wooden yoyo I was like, “Uh… I have no idea how wide of a gap to give this thing…” Grabbed my Baldwin and figured “works for the Baldwin, let’s just reproduce…”.

Grabbed 2 washers that were a perfect fit into the Baldwin gap, and used that to space out the halves of my homemade yoyo. :slight_smile:

So when this thread came along I thought, “Should work for that, too”.

I use 2 drops of YYJ thick lube. It helps.

Get a coin an put it in the gap then turn it till the gap flushes with the coin, take out the coin. There your done

I have problems with mine being too unresponsive. Would putting too much terrapin dryplay in work for making then unresponsive?

Dry play using for loopers, it’s for unresponsive bearings. Just drop a drop of thick or 3 in 1 lube and your good. You will probably need to clean them in acetone first.

QUICK :slight_smile: Should I remove the shields on my 900 bearing to clean them?

To clean, always remove shields when possible.

Will also help you get them nice and goopy with thick lube.

I thought so, now to work day and night to get them off…

Don’t use dryplay on loopers. You want something like 3-in-1 or a thick lube. On my raiders I use white molly grease.

I tarted using some petroleum jelly because I heard that’s good to use, and it just made it even more unresponsive. Haha

3-1 or thick lube. People use the weirdest stuff for their bearings. Trumpet oil, Sewing Machine oil, and now Petroleum Jelly.