What's the best performing wood to use in a lathe to make wooden yoyos?

I’m thinking of trying new things with a lathe, which wood performs the best?

i know somewhat professional wood toy makers, they consulted me on making this. They said, that apple or maybe pear wood would be best. Maple is fine too, as it is easier to find. You shouldn’t go for very hard wood, oak is a nightmare to work with on a lathe. Remember to make sure that the wood is properly dried and doesn’t have any cracks.

Cherry is a good one. Just stay away from very soft and very hard woods and you should be fine.

This will help:
Maple is perfect for first attempts- it has a good density, it’s easy to work, and is rather in expensive. Oak is similar in these aspects, but the grain pattern is more separated and porous, so be sure to use sharp cutting tools to prevent tear out.
Walnut and cherry are easy to work like maple and look very beautiful; however, the lumber is a bit pricier per sq ft.
I personally love the challenge of working super dense hardwoods such as Purple Heart and blood wood, but these will take some time and a lot of blade sharpening in between.

I actually do not use a lathe to make any of my yoyos, but I do have extensive experience working with most types of wood, so feel free to pm me with any questions :wink:

Maple - most BC and Tom Kuhn yoyos are maple. Good stuff/good yoyos.