What's so special about ti- yoyos?

What is so special about ti yoyos? do they play better? I see on YouTube people get so excited about ti yoyos. Why?


I would say that most people are aware of the critical importance of owning a Ti yo-yo.

If you are stationed on an alien, combat, hovercraft, chances are high that the ship contains electromagnetic fields around the perimeter to protect the electron beam weaponry.

A high dollar titanium, non-magnetic yo-yo is absolutely a personal safety feature that keeps you from getting vaporized by the tactical plasma shield normally used to repel attackers.

Titanium yo-yos will also be very handy after the next inner universe domination battle. Once the radiation has dissipated, there will only be two places to live. One place is the atmosphere protected germ, free biodome. The other place is outside the biodome in the wasteland.

Possession of a titanium yo-yo will allow entrance into the dome because it helps identify the difference between the rich and the poor.

Not possessing a titanium yo-yo, will doom you to the same fate as the other mutants in the wasteland.

Simple really…

PS…. A titanium yo-yo is also a Great inspection tool for TSA agents at Inner Universe Travel Stations.

Inspectors can bounce a Ti yoyo off the head of anybody in line suspected of being a Replicant.

A Ti yoyo will make a very distinctive Ring when smacking a Replicants dome because of the metal core under the artificial skin covering.

When bounced of a real Human head, the Ti yoyo will only make a soft Thud kinda sound.




they sound like an addictive substance I’m personally trying to avoid.

  1. expensive to manufacture due to the hardness of the material
  2. due to the hardness they are less likely to scratch easily, but still can
  3. they are often times raw and have a nice mirror look when polished
  4. they make a nice ting sound
  5. they can spark on concrete

Because they are awesome


additionally, it is stronger than aluminum so thinner walls can be machined. this means that more extreme weight distributions can be achieved with Ti than with Alu


Am I safe if it only has Ti rims


titanium yoyos are cool but expensive. No one needs a titanium yoyo. there is nothing that makes you a better player for owning one. They are stronger than aluminum and some make a cool sound. some are really good at performance; some are for the memes and i don’t get it but some folks do apparently. Ti is neat but 100% unnecessary. IO guess the one neat thing is they spark but for the price tag i can’t imagine sparking them. I do own a b grade ti that i spark but thats cause i got it for dirt cheap and it looked ugly to begin with.


So far this is why as far as I can tell:
-Monometal construction that naturally performs like a bimetal
-Titanium makes a fun ping sound
-Very very durable


I got them because a) I am a nerd and I think it’s really cool to have anything that’s titanium, let alone a yoyo, and b) PINNNNG and my Vosun Haeli is so bell-like. So fun.


I justify it by telling myself if I’m in a survival scenario I have something with the potential to start a fire from the sparks. But realistically I don’t think I would bring myself to potentially dent a throw chipping it against a rock even in a life or death scenario.

In reality it’s a different density material that makes for different feels depending on its applications. Like bimetals with ss rings make it to be more stable. If you’re into being a sommelier of sorts and trying different feels then it’s fun to explore the funky world of ti, if you’re just trying to play then you’re better off buying a few throws of different shapes to solidify which you like the most/works best with your playstyle.


Superior metal. Kind of fun to be a metals snob. :slight_smile:


Yep, kind of like owning a Corvette or a Ferrari.

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Honestly after buying a few, I wouldn’t say their anything special, it’s not going to change your life. But they are pretty cool and the “tiiiinnng” is bad ■■■