whats is a good yoyo

whats a good yoyo that is good for smooth whips and laceration type stuff by yoyojam only

Pretty much all of them. I’ve already told you this on another forum. lol

Vict, Hitman, Atmosphere, New Breed, and pretty all other metal rimmed YYJ’s!

Maybe not the Jamboo though.

there are many but its all your prefrence

i agree with icthus alot of them. their most popular dm, hitman/ meteor, axiom,xcon. ya. but why only yyj? plan to get a sponsor?

What about this thread you made:

I am Going to say something that is getting on my nerves. Preferance,

Or you could ignore that and get a New Breed, You wont be disapointed.

Also Why YoYoJam olny, No Offense to them, they rock, but I advise you to Try new things.

Whips and lacerations depend on the string…

ok give me yoyos from other brands too that might be good

YOYOFACTORY!!! =] Any of their new metals are amazing and are super cheap for the quality and performance.

One Drop Yoyos, sick, cheap yoyos, end of story.

My main two favorites ^

carabou lodge yyw is amazing quality with a nice price tag though
but amazing quality