what's goin on?

Every time i go to put a bearing in my MasterGalaxy, it needs cleaning after like 30 min of play time. The bearing seat is clean, the bearing goes into the yoyo broken in and cleaned. Then the bearing starts to spin slower, and gets super responsive, like FHZ responsive at times. this is the 3rd bearing that it did that to as well. something wrong with my throw? Should i contact the Manufacturer? what should i do? any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

does the bearing have the shields on? And are you sure it’s getting dirty and not the bearing race getting bent out of place If that is the case there must be something wrong with the bearing seat and you should contact the supplier.

With 3 bearings in a row doing this, I’d say try the following:

First, clean each bearing again using your choice of cleaning agents: mineral spirits, acetone or lighter fluid. Dry thoroughly. Do they spin OK? Lightly lube using VM4 or any thin lube. Replace the shields, try again. Does the problem come back same as before?

I’m just trying to determine if it’s the yoyo or a bad batch of bearings. Honestly, I’m leaning towards the yoyo. I’d also say contact either who you bought it from or the manufacturer while you do this as well. Worse case is you can say “hey, got it resolved, no need to do anything further”.

same thing happened, i tried some new bearings, and it happened to them as well. It seems to happen faster each time also.

What type of bearing are you using?

Contact the supplier and/or whoever you bought it from.

It is probably the yo-yo, not the bearings as you have tried new one’s.

Like Studio42 I’m leaning towards the yo-yo.

There are various reasons why this would be happening, and I don’t think it’s the yoyo. First off, rub the bearing seat with a wet Q-Tip, a dirty bearing seat can greatly contribute to this problem. Sometimes, when a person sends me a yoyo to strip, the bearing seat is dirty enough to turn the Q-Tip black. If that doesn’t work, tear out the stock response and pour some Goo Gone into the groove, let it soak for a few mins, then run a Q-Tip through the groove. This is the reason why I prefer silicone over any type of pad, if lube is spilled onto the pad, then the glue from the bottom of the pad becomes thin and can enter the bearing while you’re using the yoyo.

try a good bearing.

Was that a plug? nice. In that case… I agree. ;D

I’ve had a yoyo that this happened to and it wasn’t the bearing. I tried your bearing in it too so… Less plugs and more help…

With 3 bearings down, and then another 3, it’s the yoyo. While I may not know enough, right now the problem appears to be the yoyo. The problem follows the yoyo, not the bearings.

I thought i cleaned the bearing seat good, but wow, it was still fairly dirty. The q-tip thing worked awesomely. gonna play it a while with a cleaned bearing/bearing seat, and see if the problem happens again. thanks.

So it was the bearing after all?

Umm, he didn’t say yet…