What's black and white and red?

No, not the newspaper, B-Rad’s new Adjust-O-Lite!

Hub work:

Gettin’ there!

Annnnd, we’re done!

thats bossmode right there

I can’t wait to play that thing!

:o Wow, nice work!!

Me too! :wink:

You should try to fit in some Northstar weight rings in there :smiley:
Id love to see a Starlite with some more weight.

My mind has been blown to pieces. :o Fantastic work, as always! :slight_smile:

That’s terrible! Just terrible!!! HA, who am I kidding, that bad boy is SICK!!!

And, mind tell us how can you be soo awesome again?

Me too! :wink: (Actually I never will but it would be sick)

That is friggin’ awesome!!