What's better Rockefeller or royals


I am looking for a new square wheels throw I have a special California state Rex (if you haven’t heard of it yet and want pics I will post ) but anyways I am split between the two I need guidance


Personally, I prefer the Royale or Rex over the Rockefeller, but it’s impossible for me to suggest one for you, I don’t really know what your preferences are.


Yeah thats a hard one… I own a Rex, Rock and Royale. The Rock is definitely more competitive, freestyle throw while the Royale is more chillax, just having fun throwing type of throw. The Rex is a little similar to the Royale in my opinion, so if you’re looking for something different go for the Rock. I wish I had one of each of those PNWR specials… man oh man talk about spectacular looking throws ;D


Royale! Was a bit dissapoited with the Rockefeller to be honest.



Thank to everyone who posted you helped a lot and to crammitfrog I agree some of those paints jobs are amazing what’s your personal favorite


Please elaborate.


On the Rock my favorite are Barney Rubble, Depeche Yo’d, Ice Caps and the red and black swirl. Some of the teams colors I’ve seen on Instagram are just so freaking cool, like this purple and yellow swirled one and a purple green and pink one swirled one. How about you?


Those all sound so awesome


I also have the CalState/PNWR Rockefeller. This finish is smooth so the colorway would end up being glossy and really pop. As a result, it’s not a good grinder. This finish and colway was specific to this run and has not been repeated. All other Rocks are blasted.

The Rock is V shaped, where-as the Royale is H-shaped. I’ve found the Royale to be on of the best grinding yoyos I’ve used, but that doesn’t say a lot coming from me since I am not good on the grinds yet. The Royale seems to want to move at whatever speed you want to push it and is very fogivging of bad throws and holds on an adjusted axis very well. The Rock wants to move fast most of the time, is very aggressive. It prefers a very level throw and isn’t quite as nice as the Royale when it comes to non-level throws.

Better? Preferences. I’m a slower player so the Royale is more my style and I prefer V-shapes. The Rock is great when I want to get up and get moving, which is a direction I’m heading in.


I was curious about the finish on your rock could you post a pic of I’m very interested in it



More Square Wheels photos here:

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Dude that looks amazing if you ever wanna get rid of that rock you send it my way