OD Format:C vs. Square Wheels Rockerfeller Depeche Yo'd

Narrowed my choice to these 2. Both great throws, surely I can’t go wrong with either, but looking for your thoughts.

Here are a couple of mine:

  • my main desire in a throw these days is stability - the tendency not to lean (there’s just something I really like about that aspect of a throw, not sure why. And yes, I know alot has to do with the throw
    :wink: ). The stability edge, from what I have read to this point, goes to the Format:C.

  • love the colors on the Depeche Yo’d

  • shape, really the 2 are dead even for my tastes.

  • not terribly concerned with speed or floatiness

Would love to hear your thoughts on either the above, or other points. Thanks!

I have played both, I have reviewed both, and I like both. If I had to choose just one it would be no contest, the Format:C wins every time. The play of the Format:C just fits my tastes when it comes to speed, stability, and just out right fun factor. The Depeche Yo’d colorway is great looking but there is something about the simple elegance that One Drop pulled off by combining the solid color with the exposed aluminum rings.

biased post regarding the rockefeller

but seriously, both of them are great. obviously i like the rockefeller more cause it gets more play time, but really it just comes down to your gut man. the rockefeller does have better colorways though :wink:

Thanks for the thoughts. Appreciated!

I actually ended up ordering a General Yo Prestige! A few hours after posting here, I saw a review of the Prestige, and went with it.

He other 2 are definitely still on my list, so am still grateful or your input.

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