What's a good glow-in-dark plastic yoyo for 1a/5a?

I think stuff that can glow in the dark are awesome. I’d like to save up to get a good quality glow in the dark yoyo for my collection.
Certain qualities I’m looking out for:

  1. As of this date, the yoyo is still in stock in store(not limited to yoyoexpert)
  2. Plastic, $20 and under(cheaper, the better, but not if it compromises quality)
  3. Great for string tricks (don’t care if it’s responsive or unresponsive, I can always change the bearing later)
  4. I want the yoyo to really glow, as in if you charge it under sunlight/UV light, the glow will be fairly bright and keep the charge for a good amount of time in a dark space.

20usd is too low. U can only get a replay or glow in the dark wedge at that price. Pump the budget upto 30usd and get a Speedaholic XX


Shooting Star also comes in GitD and it’s one of my favorite plastics:

It requires a bit more saving up, though.


The Wedge is good, isn’t it?

Its great. But u might receive a really vibey one. But thats a rare occurrence so nothing to worry about.

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Are you talking about a plastic throw that looks great under UV light or an actual glow in the dark plastic, no UV light just darkness?

Actual glow in the dark, no UV light, just plain darkness.

I only mentioned UV light in my original post because whenever I have stuff that glows in the dark, you can charge the glow with a UV light or expose it to sunlight.

I ordered two glow in the dark replay pros for 3A. Once they’re there I can share my experience with them. It might take some weeks tho until it’s delivered

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As mentioned above, Wedge and Arrow Pro are the only ones at the sub $20 price point;

Couple more options at the $30 range.

Yeah those are in stock and a great throw

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don’t forget the replay pro

For $20 I would say go get a replay pro. For a more premium plastic get a speedaholic xx.

I really like my glow in the dark duncan big fun.

I’m a fan of the glow Arrow.

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I love my glow Speedaholic, even when I leave it in the case all day and it’s not charged up the color really pops in low light.

The glow version is actually $35 though, IIRC. It’s a little more than the regular colors.


The Arrow Elite is pretty sweet too. It’s metal and has glowing cups. It’s hardly ever in stock though.

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I fan of the Glow Arrow Pro as well for sure;