What yoyo should I get for my birthday? (My preferences inside)


Ok, so I’m getting a yoyo for my birthday, and the price range would most likely be up to around $115 or $120. Here are my preferences:

52mm-57mm diameter
40+mm width
I’m good with any shape so long as it isn’t unbelievably painful when it hits the hand
I can’t give you a specific weight because how the weight translates into play depends on weight distribution and size of the yoyo, but I can tell you that I like somewhere between floaty and solid. I don’t really like the extreme of either, but I’d prefer very floaty over rock on a string any day.

So please don’t let this turn into a “We need your preferences. We can’t decide for you thread” because I gave my preferences. I have some ideas but I want some input.

EDIT: Sorry, but I probably should have made this clear:
-No YYF or YYJ
-Yoyos that I own that fit this category:
•Code 1


Finally! Lol
You might like code one, at 64 grams, it is pretty floatie, but not tissue paper on a string, and even if you don’t like the weight you could just swap out the side effects for a different feel.

(Edmeister) #3



Yes, I think you should definitely get a yoyo within those specs for that kind of money.

Get an Agape. They rock. I just got one. It’s like love turned into metal with a string on it.

I don’t care about the specs. The Agape is nothing short of awesome.


Get a mangaroo and a 33 1/3