b day

so its me b day in a month and a half so my limit is 450 and i want to get 4 yoyos i was looking at the trinity catalyst wooly marmot and code 1 i like fast vibeless no hubs ecept for sideffects the range of 65 to 68 grams so i need help

and im in advanced and alittle of of ever thing else even 2 master tricks ;D

Well, I’d say get a Code1, heard they’e really great and a Sasquatch, every hyping over it, an OD 54 and a Catylast would be great too to try out new yoyo’s.

b u m p

I think you should buy different yoyos from different manufacturer like One drop Code one, CLWY Avalanche , SPYY Supra, and YYF Catalyst

Do you have a size preference? if not, I suggest the Werrd Pacquiao, which is VERY fast because it is 49 grams (LOL no lie). The one drop code 1 is amazing, h shape with customizable weights. YYF genesis is also known for being very stable.

To be honest, just look the the YYX store and pick out yoyos until you filll your budget. Alomst all the yoyo’s here are amazing and you can’t go wrong

There are soooo many different yoyos that fit that category.

Pick one you like

thanks all of yall i think im going to pick the ones i already picked in the begining