What yoyo is this?

Ok I got this in a box full of yoyos from the 1990’s I think its made out of brass and in the gap there is holes and the gap is slighted flared.

I don’t think that’s brass, if it was, the yoyo would be completely tarnished if it was from the 90’s. It looks more like chromed plastic, considering it’s condition and the holes.

Can you get a picture from the sides?

the sides are blank and im pretty sure the yoyo is metal, its pretty heavy

How about a close up of the gap?


Is that gap normal or is the axle a little out from the sides, cause I might have that one.

what do you mean ???

Is it a fixed axle

Is the gap supposed to be so wide

i think its fixed but you cannot unscrew and yeah the gap is supposed to be wide but theres only like 1 mm of the axle exposed

the sides can spin but I dont know if its just broken or what

I have one of these but it’s chrome plated and there not worth much my friend gave them to all the grooms men at his wedding

Tiffany’s makes a yoyo very similar to this.


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Yes they do its not a very good one

My mom won me one of those at an auction for cheep =P. Maybe it’ll sell for a lot one day.