What yoyo have you had the most of?

I know most of us preach only having one of each yoyo, but reality is, most of us own or have owned more than one of a single throw. What’s yours? I’ll start…

I have owned 5 Hatricks. I currently own a blue/blue bada$$, Proto USA hatrick, and regular USA hatrick. In the past I’ve owned a first and second run production run hatrick. Who’s up next?!?!

4 classics.

888s, I think this is all of them but I might be forgetting one or two. I only have 3 now.

sb Augie
lb Augie
sb TE
sb Shadow
2x Aussie Gold 888w
sb 888w
gold AYYA

dark grey Higby
07 xmas YYN 888
test ano
regular aqua

12 superstars at once! I was a big fan like 4 years ago. I owned 6 Skywalkers at once too. I currently own 4 wraths, 4 prides and 10 FH2’s.

Darn it! I clicked this thread thinking I’d hold the record for the most Hatricks, but I’ve only had four…

3 different puffins ;D (seperate)

4 classics at once

Had 3 Yetis until I shipped one out this morning. Also had 2 Majesties at 1 point.

10 model 10’s
13 majesty’s.

3 DMIIs. I have none left :stuck_out_tongue:

The only other multiple I’ve ever had were 2 protostars, which was(is) my 3a set.

I’ve had a few where I’ve had 2 of, but not at the same time.

Going to get a competition set this year so I’ll have triples sometime this year.

Me too, (as you probably saw)

Will you trade me one pleeease? Haha.

But i have 4 Yomega raiders right now- 2 modded, 2 unmodded.

I also have 4 or 5 duncan butterflies lying around.

That’s insane :o

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2 Duncan proyos living the dream! :stuck_out_tongue:

3 chiefs

2 harrison hurricane (both gone)
Hulk smash chief from newest release

8 10 Peaks (that I can think of), 7 Bape/Eetsits… uhhh… I don’t remember what all I’ve had.

I think I have 13 Classics. I have a lot of Kicksides, Lyns, Speedmakers, and Freehands of all sorts too.

3 Chiefs and 3 Avalanches.

My 2 favorite CLYW throws.

I’ve currently got 4 Raiders/Raider EX. Other than that, I probably owned a dozen or so Duncan Imperials back in the late 90s.


6 Code1s, 7 Code1s, 10 Chiefs.

Expensive stuff? I’ve had 3 Mg’s over the years, and countless Cold Fusions. Cheap stuff, I’ve got about 50 Proyos in my basement lol