What Yeti color are you going for?

I’m bored waiting for the next sighting so I made this poll.

Already got myself a green ;D


Blue or purple, I already have Grey

Purple or Green

Black most definitely!

There aren’t black this run dude

I have a black :>

But not from this run

Wait so the same colors are getting restocked? No I think new ones cause on the picture they featured they had a dark blue and dark blue wasent out yesterday

Plus they didn’t say restocking they said a new release 3 days in a tow

Yes Blue was out yesterday and do you see a black Yeti in the pictures?

I don’t. But I’m talking about the dark blue, baby blue was out yesterday

I hope they don’t restock of they do I’ll go for a blue then

The colors are not changing from release to release, it’s the same colors broken into three releases to spread it out and give people a few chances to pick up a Yeti.

Picked up a gray yeti. Was all that was left of the poor guy. And I thought the first yeti went down quickly, the second yeti looking to get revenge for his brother didn’t know what hit him… Lets see how quick we can get the third yeti when he’s sighted…

Somehow my post double, can someone delete the second one please.