What would you recommend for my level?

I want to get a G5 or 888x but I am not sure if I am good enough to get yoyos like that. I can do all the beginner, all the intermediate, all the advanced part 1, most of advanced part 2, most of expert part 1, most of expert part 2, and working on Yuuki slack in master. Do you think im ready for a G5 or 888? Recommend any yoyos you think I should get according to my level. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

yes i think you would be ready for those but try to get a burnside or a code 2 by onedrop

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All the yo yos that have been mentioned would be just fine for your skill level. Actually, your PGM can handle basically any tricks you want really but upgrading can be nice. Personally, I wouldn’t go for the yo yos mentioned (but that’s just my personal preference, they are all awesome I just don’t like some of them) but I would reccomend:

C3 Di Base (awesome throw, wish I had one, super smooth, great price for performance!)
YYF DV888 (truly great throw, still use mine, really smooth, solid, nice price)
888x (like you mentioned, great throw, fun hubstacks, solid, great performer, smooth)
Hitman Pro (great yo yo, great price, fun bi metal, pretty good at grinding)
X-con Pro (much better than I expected, solid, great yyj bi metal)
OD 54 (Super smooth, amazing throw, side effects!)

I could go on but these are a few less expensive throws I like (even though I don’t own all of them). You could also take a look at CLYW, they make fantastic throws, as do One drop and SPYY. Read some reviews, try some yo yos from your friends (if they throw) and just have fun! Just about any “modern” throw can get you a long way so find one that interests you and try it out!

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I’d also reccomend looking at these threads as well, they have some great suggestions!

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If you can bind, and based on the level of commitment you’re showing by the tricks you’re at, get whatever you want, you’re good enough. Trust me on that. You’re ready for anything.

If you want a G5 or 888x, so be it. Consider One Drop as well as G Squared, CLYW and really, any brand and any costs.

I’m not saying this to be some sort of jerk. I’m serious. You’ve shown a good level of commitment. At this point, I feel your skill levels are well worth a major upgrade in yoyos. In fact, you’ve been there for a while. All I suggest is stick within a budget. Other than that, I recommend you get whatever you really would like to get that you can afford. Why? You’ve earned it and you deserve it.

Too bad you’re not in Sacramento, you can go through my cases and see if you can find what you like from there so you can make a qualified purchase based on what I have, or at least gets hands on a wide variety of stuff.

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Yeah your ready a person in my yoyo club has a g5 and can’t do half the stuff you do plus there are better yoyos out there but the g5 is excellent

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