What would you rather buy?

Ok, I have a clear FHZ that is ready to paint to be resold, and I will have another on the way that will also need a paint job. I’m looking for the opinions of possible buyers. What would you rather buy, a color shifting FHZ or a splash paint FHZ? Below are pix of ones I have done. Also the I do have other colors to splash paint with so the FHZ will not have a limit to only the colors shown. Let me know what you think. ;D

If you do a Red w/ Black splash FHZ, I want it.

i would rather have a splash

Let me see what I can get my hands on this weekend as far as paint and I’ll let you know.

Can I put in a special request?
One half red w/ black splash,and the other half black with red splash? Huh huh huh? lol

LOL!!! Ya, I don’t see why that would be a problem. What I can do too is splash both red/black in it and the left over space I can use the same pearlish color (almost shifts color) I used in the pick above in the background. But that would be up to you if you really want me to paint one for you.

Me likey my idea, not yours. :stuck_out_tongue:
LEt 's take this to the PMs


You guys don’t understand how amazing the color changing FHZ is until you hold it in good lighting. While spinning it looks amazing, no joke.

You’re rad Mike.

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Thanks bud!!! I’m stoked that you like it that much ;D

I won’t have money for a while, but as a future idea I have thought that a black splashed with a maroon would look really awesome.

I’m sort of doing one like that for Q but in more of a blood red than a maroon. I’ll post pix when its done, you can let me know then if it would be something you would be interested in.

Sweet ;D

i’m kinda split but i think i’d go with the color shifter.