What would you pay for a yoyo


I know there are ppl on here who are beginners/intermediate/advanced ect pls also say what you are to so we can see the different

Intermediate- The most i would be would be 110


$150 is the most ill pay…my most expensive right now is $100


according to the YYE scale of: Beginner/intermediate/advanced/expert/master

I’d be expert, I’d pay up to $115 if the money was there and the yoyo was worth it. (pisolero)

(Johnny rocks!!!) #4

150$ is max ill pay


If they ever make a yoyo with perfect specs for me, I’d sell every other yoyo I own and pay up to five hundred dollars.
Unfortunately, everyone seems to be jumping on the freaking giant gap bandwagon. Which I hate, and I think is contributing to the lack of good new players…

The original Peak was SO close. Just a bit too heavy and a hair too wide.