What would you call this style?

I have seen some tricks in which a dead yoyo was used as a weight. What is this called?

Well if the dead yoyo was like a counterweight od sorts i guess it would still be 5a

No. The dead yoyo was not attached to the string.

Did it start on a string?

Make a video for us

The tricks are limited so I doubt it is or ever will be a style.

You never know, think about yo-yoing in general before there were bearings, there couldnt have been that many tricks back then. Also, have you seen what innovative people can do when they’re bored!


So wait the guy just threw around a dead yoyo not attached to a string…

No. He had a normal 1A setup, as well as a dead yoyo in his pocket. During some tricks he would place the dead yoyo in the strings. Well, actually I only saw one trick using this, but it was cool.

Wouldn’t the dead yoyo just fall off the string?

It also just sounds like just a trick or some personal kind of sub style, but thats just my opinion.

The style is known as slave yoyoing.

The best known trick is something Mark Mont did where you do a frontstyle sleeper. Bottom mount on the dead yoyo. Double it up a few times then let go. The yoyo and dead yoyo will both spin like a backwards and the slave yoyo will shootout and must be caught.

Thank you.

Wow this is a hard style…


yes, it must be a hardstyle hahaha, I’m hilarious.

anyhow, I think a lot of diablo tricks could be pulled with this kind of thing, like a mix between 4a and 1a, you know?

Do you think a company could make special ‘slave’ yoyos? Like, it’s just some cheap plastic thing, and you fill up the sides with water to make it the same weight. And, the water would lower the center of gravity enough to make it stay perfectly balanced on the string… I think. Maybe sand would work better. If someone made those I would buy one! Well, maybe not… I have, like, no money… But if I had enough money I probably would!