3/4 tricks

I saw a yoyo chamionship on tv a while back (i think it was 2007?) and i saw some guys doing 3/4 tricks. I dont think this is what the style is called, but it looks insanely hard since the yo is always brushing against the response unless its at the perfect angle. I can’t imagine its very widely used…

What is this style called? is there a place to learn?

I think you’re talking about the style known as 1.5A, in which there is another string without a yoyo attatched to it, which the string usually does rub against the yoyo.

Hope this Helped!

no its 1a. one yoyo, one string. you throw the yoyo down at an angle and do tricks like that.

…im not crazy… :-\

Liiike at :52?

yes! thats it!

That’s just yoyoing sideways.

Yeah its pretty fun to try, im workin on it. its really hard lol

Jensen Kimmitt is the bomb…

it is just throwing it at an angle. the trick is that the yoyo always has to remain moving or else it will do what you said.

yes it is really really hard, by the way today I did a sideways around the world then jumped over it like mickey ;D