What was your most influential yoyo?

My most influential was the Variflex that I owned many moons ago, also the Duncan Ballistic. It was memories of those two throws that influenced me to get back into throwing a year ago!

Second place goes to the Speedaholic XX, because it influenced me to buy the Speedaholic MAX.


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Maybe they can borrow your dolly since you seem to be chronically injured


What? Sorry if I hurt any feelings,I was just stating my opinion based on my experience. Maybe it was just luck of the draw but every yoyo I purchased from Yoyo factory was pretty vibey and 6 out of 10 had dud bearings that had to be replaced, after about 20 mins of play they became responsive. And before I got into boutique brands I purchased a lot of YYF throws! I owned the entire Edge collection as well as all the shutter models except the stainless steel one. Not to mention all the other various ones in between… American, Chech point, Kapital, Bi Metal, Confusion, Paolista, California, and so on. Not saying that these weren’t all great designs and didnt perform great because that would be a lie. When you pay $120+ for a competition bi metal throw there are certain things people expect for that amount of money… and for a bearing to lock up after 20 mins of throwing it’s pretty frustrating… The Edge Beyond originally released with an NSK bearing and that’s something I think they should have stuck with on premium models… Sadly that stopped after the first release. Some of the greatest designs of all time are from YYF hands down! The 888… Epic! Maybe the most beloved throw to date, the only other throw In it’s category would be the OG Peak from CLYW (IMO). I was simply stating that they are lacking quality control is all. And I get it when your a company that produces and sells more yoyos than any other company in the industry you run into issues like this. So again I meant no offense to anyone as I stated the YYF Edge was and still is my most influential yoyo of all time even to this day I consider the OG Edge one of the greatest performing yoyos of all time.


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Ive never purchased a YYF that wasn’t at least 7/8 out of 10 smooth. I also have a Bettynova that is easily 10/10 the smoothest yoyo in my collection (it’s almost creepy). I have also purchased high end boutique yoyos where the bearing dies in the first 10 minutes of play. I bet poor playing yoyos can slip through the cracks when you sell at a higher volume, but in my experience the YYF criticism is a bit hyperbolic.


This is why I no longer buy from your brand.


Please select a topic not about us to post a paragraph explaining it.

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Since we’re talking about influential throws… one of my favorites is the Dogma, it really was the yoyo that encouraged me to push myself into harder tricks.

Has there ever been any talk on a “Dogma 2” :rofl:
Maybe you call it the “Katma” just for fun.

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Tie between the Duncan Butterfly and the Yomega Fireball


I have 3 personally influential yo-yo in my throw journey.
#1 The 2010 808 Hawaii Edition was the first unresponsive I was able to hit more complex trick elements. Has been passed between me and my older son who now throws. I will be keeping this one dings and all until the end of my time.

#2 The Cu Sudo this is the throw that once I saw it I could not get it out of my head, in hunting for the Cu Sudo it introduced me to collecting and brought me into the yoyoexpert forums and afforded me the opportunity to discuss, trade and buy from collectors and designers in the community.

#3 Oxygene ti 09
( I believe the 1st release that year )
When I bought this throw I did not know what I had bought. It was my first titanium, it was the hook and it sunk in deep.


My problem with these posts is the premise that buying from a large company somehow results in getting inferior-quality products. All of these yo-yo’s;, whether from YYF or one of your vaunted “boutique” brands; come from like 3 factories in China. Boutique throws are ‘boutique’ because they sell very few compared with a manufacturer like YYF.

If you want to criticize bearings; then you should criticize bearings. Not calling you a liar, but I have literally bought hundreds of yo-yo’s and I have never experienced the kind of catastrophic bearing failure as your describe in many of your yo-yo purchases. Even OneDrop 10 balls last a few hours before they get crunchy. I have never had a precision-bearing “lock-up” unless subjected to the most violent abuse on the wheels of a skateboard.


Came to see geezer say draupnir

geezer said draupnir. Incredible.

Anyways mine would be the Borealis 2. The first yoyo I bought that was expensive and I still own it to this day, like, 4 years later.


There are more like 4 :rofl:


888 and code1. 888 because it was my first super memorable contest experience. Code1 bc I was.a tester aha


Duncan Pro Z because it got me looking at yo-yos as more than up and down.

Yoyojam Surge (anyone have one? I’d love to get another) because it was my first “big boy” yo-yo purchase that wasn’t from a chain store.

Dells Big D Trickster because when I got my collection going and I showed my grandpa (he had yo-yos and we’d play them every so often) he quickly ran to the back and gave me the yo-yo I remember him letting me use as a kid. He had it since he was much younger than me. Now it’s mine.


Happy to oblige. I guess on this topic; I am sadly predictable. :sunglasses:


The most influential yoyos were those I made with my grandmother (well she really made them, and I helped as much as a four or five year old can) as a child. She would then join in a yoyoing session with me. Those were more than influential yoyo sessions those were sessions on caring and sharing. I miss her!


I gotta say, I can kinda see where he’s coming from. But I don’t think he’s saying YYF products are of lesser quality, I think he’s just commenting on the varying levels of QC he’s experienced from YYF yoyos.

I’ve experienced it too, but after a certain point I just stopped caring. Yoyofactory is the biggest yoyo company in the USA. They’re constantly prototyping, designing, and releasing new yoyos. They’re constantly managing their team, contests, etc. All of this stuff is overlapping, happening at once, with absolutely massive production runs of some of the best yoyos. Sometimes things slip through, and that’s fine.

Since we’re having this discussion about yoyofactory in particular in this thread, I’ll also add that some of my favorite yoyos period have been from yoyofactory. Just in general, yoyofactory yoyos are awesome. I’d argue they’re some of the best on the scene :man_shrugging: not just competitively, but for niche wants and stuff.

I’d give examples but this post is massive. But yyf got slimlines, organics, comp, chill and vibe yoyos, etc. If you want it, they have it.

Sorry you got hit with this Geezer, lmao, your post was just the last one in the YYF discussion and I wanted to contribute to it.


The YoYo Factory 401K

This was the throw i learned to throw. Breakaways, trapeeze, binds. Everything i know today i started learning on this throw. Still have it all these years later. Still throw it on occasion. It’s still a great throw. It’s been to Japan, South Korea and all over the states. I will never part with it.




I wish this would influence more: