What was your herp derp today?

a thread where you post your silly mistakes to make everyone else feel better about their own…


today, walking through a treeish area, I grabbed a stick and knocked down some low branches (these were pine trees so they broke relativly easy) well… as I knocked one of them down, I couldnt get out of the way in time so I ended up with a perty good scratch on my shoulder…

keep the herp derps comming ;D

I tripped over a fire hydrant while texting…

Well, this was the other day. I was doing some school on a computer, I had a voice activity,(I had to use my microphone) and I did the voice activity… I get an e-mail later that says my microphone wasn’t on… FAIL.

At least I could try again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone else herping the derp?

I decided to take a pot off the stove with a paper towel. I caught fire, and i tried to put it out by putting a real towel on it, but i sorta floated it down onto it and made it worse.

I was yoyoing kept the string on too long and it and the yoyo went flying,at least it was a cheap yoyo.

Dropped my soda on my way out the door, and it spilled and sprayed all over the floor.
So I went to the fridge and got another one.
Then I forgot about it on the roof of the car, and it fell off the roof…

my dog just puked all over the carpet right outside my room

isn’t that more of your dogs herp derp?