What was your best experience dealing with certain person or yoyo company?

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Quora style question, tell me your story.


Yoyoexpert is great.


I miss Pat and Weber sometimes.

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Our very own YoYoBro! is up for my nomination of Best Exp.

I am a CLYW collector (it seems) and I really only seek out CL’s. Love em. Cant get enough. Wanted a titanium but didnt want to stray from CLYW.

Then Tundra gets announced. I lose my mind and come to a potent resolve that “I will get one, period.”
They announce that they will be released at Worlds. Thankfully im already going to Worlds.

THen i hear that most of the batch got destroyed!!

Vacation time (worlds) comes and I run into a few problems the day before and the day of departure which put me many hours behind scehd.

I would not be there during the opening and my heart sinks at the realization that I was almost definitely going to miss out. Very sad moment. I had ONE single yoyo on my radar and the Tundra was it. Realizing I was not gonna be there in time made my feels extra raw.

Well, the night before departure, I reached out to another that Id seen in the “Whos going to Worlds” and “Worlds2016 Discussion thread” and just struck up convo. Mostly just looking for a forum buddy to meet IRL there since I would not be able to recognize anyone as well as not knowing anyone but my wife.

Anyway, YoYoBro! was really nice in our PM exchange and I asked if he was gonna be there all 4 days. He said YEP! and thats when I expressed my feelings about the Tundra and the problems I ran into that made me extra late.
Without me even asking, he knew, and offered “Well, I will be first in line and get one for you!”

Keep in mind, weve never met or even really talked before then, so that was a serious offer from him. I offered to pay some or even all of the money ($350! paypal or wire transfer) up front (risky, cause I would never be able to recognize him IRL if he wanted to be shady) and he declined! He stated simply “Just pay me when I give it to you.”
It seemed too good to be true, but after everything, I get to Worlds and I meet a young buck with some really cool parents in tow.

I bobble into town and by nightfall, I had been given the best yoyo ive ever thrown, the most important yoyo in my collection, the most unique, expensive, and magical piece of limited equipment that Ive ever owned.

He proceeds to tell me the story of how it was a mad dash to the CL table, how part of his party got caught up in “security” but we wriggled through and made across to the table. Not only did he get one,  he was able to snag the VERY FIRST ONE off the table. The FIRST Tundra to be sold to the public (#25 of 25) went to him, and then presented to me. Ive yet to see the pics of the presentation, but I am assured that they are coming. Petr presented the box like one would present a golden apple on a silver plate under a crystal dome.

And its ALL, 100%, every last iota, due to my new friend and co-conspirator, YoYoBro! and his awesome levels of being. His gracious acceptance, his willingness to help out a stranger, and his ability to take others into account before himself, has made me more appreciative and thankful that ive been in a long time.

So I know this has been a little long, and Im not sure if he will even see this (a user tag would be great, btw, and no, im not going to PM every person every time I mention them in a post. (http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,93106.new.html#new)) but Thank you YoYoBro! from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!


^^^^ What a great story. Thanks for sharing it.

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Shoot! Tundra looks totally beautiful.


I would say Tyler severance and Dan Dietz are a 10 out of 10


Met Sean Perez, that was sick

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


I posted a great OD story A few days ago. Great guys over there!


I just started yoyoing this Spring, with a YYF Velocity, and I loved it so much that I bought Velocities for all the kids in my family (8 kids, I joked that we’re starting a yoyo gang). Some of us have graduated to YYF Replay Pros, but the Velocity is a sentimental favorite. Of those 9 Velocities, 2 had something go wonky. I wrote to YoYoFactory about 1, and we exchanged emails, and and they sent me one free of charge. (Which was so great of them!)

The second is an even better story: I bring 2 of the kids to the Bay Area Classic, and I tell my youngest niece, “bring the stuck Velocity, we’ll see if they can troubleshoot it.” The gentleman at the YYF goes out of his way to look at the yoyo and work on it for 20 minutes, DISMANTLES one of his pretty new YYF yoyos for a part, puts a fresh string on the Velocity, and presents it back to my niece (no charge). And it does it like a modern-day superhero, witha “shucks, ma’am, it’s all in a days work” kind of air. I love YoYoFactory :slight_smile:


Yep YYF are great peeps. Back when the augie G5+ came out I nabbed one and fell in love with it (still have it too) Well one day it hit the ground pretty dang hard and picked up some serious wobble. I dismantled the yoyo and found out that the axle was bent. Well I was asking about bent axles on the forums and YYF Ben hits me up via pm and says he’s just going to give me a new one free! I will never forget what he did for me. he did not have to do it but he did anyway. Ben if you read this thank you again!


I met gentry at Chico. He was a super nice dude.


Every experience with One Drop has been great. Have many great experiences with YoYoExpert. Brandon Jackson always goes above and beyond. I’ve dealt direct with Augie a few times and it’s always great. ed is always great to deal with as well.

Come to think of it I’ve only ever had 1 bad experience in my 25+ years in this hobby :slight_smile:


Same ^ I’ve had one person be annoying/dishonest to deal with, and that was this year.
Other than that I’ve had 9 solid years, the Yoyo community is a really special thing.