What was the role of the yoyojam new breed in the move towards wider yoyos?

I noticed that it came out in 2010 or so, and had a wide 44 millimeter diameter. Did this yoyo have a part in the gradual increase of the average yoyo s width, or was it just an anomoly, one of the unusual yoyos that manufacturers sometimes pit out of the blue?

I got a new breed back in the day and while it was large, I didn’t really think it was game changing or an anomaly when I got it. I suppose it played a part in influencing design as much as any yoyo might, but I wouldn’t consider it seminal.

For that time period (2008/2009) I’d look more to the sleipner as really popularizing the larger, lighter direction that followed. If we are just talking width, then gotta mention the pyro as well, although that was a bit earlier.

When I think of wide throws I think pyro. When I think big diameter yoyos I think of the early 08’ 09’ yoyofactory’s. Silicone response I think oxygen.