What violent thing have you done because of getting out in flappy bird

If you flap competitively you will know what I’m talking about.

Also share your high score!

I got the game a couple days ago mines 40

Well, I got 24 and then I was like “YEAH!” But then, I couldn’t get past 2

I screamed “NYAAAAAAAGH” and hucked my broken loop 900 across the room. I guess I would be a good pitcher in baseball.

hrm… i like mobile gaming… checking this out…

looks like it gonna be a very unproductive day at the office.

edit: bwaaa ahahahah … can’t get past 3 on my iphone

Eh it’s just a game, can’t let it get to you…unless its one of those lag flaps…grumble

Anyway, I got to 30 and haven’t picked it up again lol

scored 5 … back to work now.

I don’t want to try it because people are calling it: “Satan’s game”, so I’m like nope.lol

It wasn’t for me. I gave up at 3 and deleted the game.

took morning break… made it to 6

Just got 46 :slight_smile:

Forum high score lol

you playing on android or ios ?

Scratch that. 76

And I’m using android

Nothing. I tried it, didn’t like it, and went back to my Tetris.

Tetris? Ski Safaris where it’s at!



No, tetris is where its at for all yall real gamers.

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This man knows his stuff.

My friend had 2 hours to kill the other day and got to 96. I can’t even get past 3.

I just hit 102

Mine is 52 does cuz of an ad that lagged my game -_- friend had 142 lol

Step aside