Just curious to see if anyone else plays this amazing game.


I do, beat it tho many of times haha


Beat it it’s fun


Haven’t beat it yet but current high score is 11,000 and something.


I can’t beat it. My high score is 8,000 and something.


I can’t stop playing it.



I love it bit suck at it… I can only get the 512 square…


If anyone wants a tip, get all of your high numbers onto one side and just play around with the 3x4 block until you can get a lot of high numbers.


I suck mega hard at this. Only hit 2112 so far. But I just started today.


Im more into geometry dash.


Um, since when was 2112 a multiple of 2? Or did they change the laws of mathematics in the 6 hours I’ve been away from school?


What? 211 2. 2. 2112. Ends in a 2 its divisible by 2.

Sorry if I don’t understand what your saying XD!


2112 refers to Greg’s high score, not the number he’s gotten on a single tile. And no, the laws of mathematics have not changed within the 6 hours you left school. 2112 has been divisible by two as far back as I can remember.


I meant exponent of 2. And Big Cat, thank you for the clarification.


I was happy with my score of 25000 but not anymore gee thanks!


Seems a lot like Threes… I played it at Pax.

(G2 Jake) #17

Interesting… Mine doesn’t give me an undo option


nor does mine


There’s a couple different versions of the app that all look very similar. Or you could have the correct one but just be in Pro mode. Check the settings option.


Where is kennan? He got to a like 8000 somethin.
My best :stuck_out_tongue: