What type of string comes with YYR yoyos?

I’m pretty sure it’s Fat Kitty, but I’m not sure.

Regular kitty? Might be fat. They also have their own string now that they probably use. I own all Kitty string types and have some original YYR included string so i can check later when i get home tonight.

I’d appreciate it if you could. I have some regular Kitty and don’t really like it. The string that came with my Sleipnir is the only string that matches it, and I’ve got a lot of string. I used it for a while and I like it. It’s whips really slow on a brent stole, but last night I started learning some whip wrist mounts and it works fine for that so I think I may buy some more of it if it is fat kitty.

I’m pretty sure it’s either YYR nylon string or their polyester string. PM me for a link to the string.

Yyr has their own string. In both nylon and poly

So i looked at the strings i have. Looks like two different types came with my recent YYRs, not sure if they send different stuff depending on the yoyo, or if there’s older stock with one type of string and new stuff with another. Anyway some of my YYRs came with a white string that seems pretty similar to normal kitty string, then some came with a white/yellow string that’s a little stiffer than any Kitty string i’ve found, but closest to fat Kitty, as well as being multi-color which i don’t think Kitty is, unless it’s a special blend for YYR, but it’s probably YYR string, but then again i don’t see that option on their site either, so… basically i have no idea. Would be curious to know as well since the white/yellow stuff plays nice.

The string that came with my Sleipnir is red, and YYR doesn’t have a red string for sell anywhere I can find. I messaged the store I bought it from asking what kind it was so hopefully I will know soon.

Good string.