What Tricks should I make Tutorials on?

Okay Guys. I Know Iv said Im gonna make YoYo Tutorials before, but this time Im really gonna do it, and try to make great and helpfull tutorials for the yoyo community. For those of you that have seen my videos, and have thought “Wow! I wish I knew how to do that trick!” …or if anyone has ever thought that watching one of my videos. Haha. I already have some combos in mind that im doing tutorials for, but i want to know what the community and the forum members want to see in my tutorials. Just like tell me which one of the videos its on and what minute or second its on.
For an example:

“YoYo Stars from 0:43-0:47”

Just an Example.
But Yeah, anyways just let me know what tricks you think I should make a tutorial on.
Thanks! :wink:
-Cody Wright

Hey codyjam, I think you should do a tutorial on some wrist mount tricks…I have been having trouble with spirit bomb(only been yoyoing for 2 months)…that would be awsome if u could do some tutorials!:smiley:

You got it Man! :wink:

All of your combos. :stuck_out_tongue: