YoYo Tutorials for Intermediate-Advanced tricks?

I’m looking are a youtube channel that makes intermediate-advanced yoyo trick tutorials. All the ones I have found are either non explanatory or no longer upload consistently…

my channel (hallelu-yoyo). I’m uploading a new tut tomorrow

check out yoyomad1001. He uploads a new tut everyday

Thanks, I’ll check both of you out!

Try RethinkYoYo. Lots of good stuff on there.

That’s just one of many. I don’t have them all logged and tracked. I mostly have to download the files and use them later on. I saved them to a media server in my house. My internet can be sketchy so I just prefer to download for later usage.

There are a few things here:

The trick elements video and Wrist Mount video have quite a bit of stuff in them…

By the way, I’ve seen and downloaded your videos. You’ve got an interesting style to how you do your videos. Interesting in a good way. You’re way back, doing the trick, then you move in to show it, and even do a side angle. While most of what you’re doing is still too hard for me to do, the break-downs were well done. I imagine you’ll be doing lots more of these.

Thanks Studio42, coming from you I’ll take that as a big compliment.

There are things I’m not happy with, but I am new to the whole video thing, so they can only get better with more practice.

Yep, the plan is to make a bunch more and I have a few ideas, it’s really just waiting till I have some time off work…



yeh i agree with studio your wrist mount stuff is still to hard for me but the elements one i can do and it really helped me out. The only thing i can think to improve your vids is for some of the tricks its hard to tell which string your landing on so mayb alil text to just help out on the more complex tricks