What trick are you working on?


Ooh I like that one, I’ll have to spend some time on it later.

(InvaderDust) #1242

Im on day 3, Im having some issues here and there but def making slow progress, which is still progress! :smiley:


Got the first whip down today, but haven’t had time to look too far past that yet. It’s a good one!

(Ken) #1244

You’re progressing fast!

(ClockMonsterLA) #1245

Oh man, I’ve been such an idiot. All this time I thought I was working on a 1.5 when it turns out I was just working on Man on the Flying Trapeze and His Brother. Doh!

Now that I know the difference, it is time to start working on the 1.5 for real (along with Double or Nothing). :persevere:

(ClockMonsterLA) #1246

Um, yeah, I’m not so sure about that!

As I mentioned, I’ve been getting the name wrong of the trick I’ve been working on lately. Four weeks into this and all I can do from the Intermediate section of the learning ladder so far is Brain Twister and the two Flying Trapeze tricks (along with the two most basic binds there are).

Out of curiosity, does anyone know why the 1.5 isn’t on the YYE learning ladder? Seems like a useful stepping stone to Double or Nothing.


There isn’t an individual tutorial for 1.5 mount, it’s first introduced and implemented into another trick, I don’t remember exactly what trick it is but it’s in the advanced section. If I remember correctly the 1.5 mount was a lot harder to get smooth than double or nothing because I kept hitting both strings if I try to get into the 1.5 mount in one fluid motion.

Anyway, if you know how to do trapeze, brother, and DON, you should check out the tricks matrix and rewind in the advanced section. Rewind will probably be too difficult for you right now but you can try to learn a simplified version of it that only goes up to DON rather than TON. That’s what I practiced when I was first trying to learn rewind.

(Ken) #1248

I think that’s actually pretty good despite the mixup. I couldn’t even bind or do anything with an unresponsive yoyo in my first one or two months. Main tip for you is don’t get fustrated! I don’t think you have to stick to the YYE learning ladder, learn some things from yotricks.com too, they also have good tutorials and I’ve learned some of my first tricks from them.

(ClockMonsterLA) #1249

Yeah, I’ve been learning from both sites. I often find that watching the videos for the same trick from both is valuable because some small helpful detail will be mentioned in one that’s not in the other.

Plus, everyone in these forums has been super helpful. I’d like to give a special shout out to @andy569 for making me that quick little tutorial video on binding from the side undermount. YYE and its community has been instrumental in my progress, without question.


Its been years but I still remember a lot of the issues I had with the basic tricks that weren’t quite explained in tutorials so if you need any tips on other tricks, I gotchu.

Unlike you and a lot of new players nowadays I actually remember I was very resistant to switching to unresponsive :sweat_smile: I didn’t like the idea of unresponsive because I just saw it as making everything more difficult by adding an additional trick at the end to actually make the yoyo come back when I could just tug it instead. I fully switched to unresponsive pretty late, it wasn’t until I had learned all of the advanced pt 1 and some of the advanced pt 2 tricks. Now it’s commonplace for people to start unresponsive from the very beginning.


Commonplace but a bit cruel for the average person. Kind of annoying since there are thousands of unresponsive yoyos to choose from, but maybe 10% of that in responsive.

(ClockMonsterLA) #1252

I feel that the unresponsive-to-responsive ratio is a strong indicator of where the hobby stands today. Any newcomer will have to decide for themselves how they want to navigate that. I mean, you can obviously have plenty of fun doing nothing but tricks suitable for a responsive yoyo, but to my mind the real adventure begins when unresponsive play becomes your new norm.

To that end, I am learning and practicing each basic/intermediate trick (as well as combos of them) with a responsive yoyo first, and then trying it with an unresponsive yoyo after I feel I’ve gotten a handle on it. Meanwhile, I am always spending a certain portion of my practice time just working on those two basic binds. I feel this strikes a decent balance between reducing frustration when learning new tricks (because I start off using a responsive yoyo), and acclimating to unresponsive play.

(clyw levi) #1253

lately i’m working on really small eli hops :slight_smile:


It’s funny you phrased it like that because when I tried to give my brother a northstar that was his initial response…”I have to do a trick just to get it to come back?!?” :rofl:


(Ken) #1255

I need a BANGER TRICK!!!


I gotchu fam :wink:


Working on a Charles haycock move thanks to @Kawasaki_T!!!



link for #trickcircle ^^^

<3 @Kawasaki_T


I’m working on Superman but I can’t seem to figure out the magic drop part. I get the string to reject and land but my hands & string seem to be in the wrong configuration for the next steps of the trick.

(Timmy Kwaskowski) #1260

Thanks for the love @Eric_Koloski :sweat_smile:

I watched Takeshi’s finals routine in slow motion and my mind was absolutely blown, so I’ve been trying to add some crazy slacks into my own combos inspired by him, plus finish off some of my other tricks which lacked an ending

Edit: Also I just recalled that I’m trying to get down chopstick hops, like what Gentry does, but my fingers just don’t want to co-operate. Also trying to figure out what Zach Gormley even did in his latest trickcircle on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm0a1C1nU68/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=19h5jfmj70z9v)