What trick are you working on?


I’m simply working on new binds and trying to add more precision to the tricks I already know. Got my suicide working finally so I think I’ll go back to boingy boing next.


Kick flip suicide


I’m still working on the 1a trick ladder. I can do every trick on it (Well, I’ve landed Black Hops once…), but boy does it take a lot of repetition to lock everything down! Sometimes I miss a trick that I thought I was tight with, over and over. The most frustrating have been:

  • Eli Hops- Why do I miss!?
  • Kwijibo- I hit this trick right away when I learned it, but now I keep missing the pop to Double or Nothing.
  • Hook- Strings are usually twisted in a Green Triangle formation.
  • Suicide Catch- Ugh! Never have been good at this one, and have tried it on and off since it was first created. Sometimes I hit it 3 or 4 times in-a-row, but then miss over and over.
  • Iron Whip- I often catch the wrong string.
  • Kamikaze- Need to get a higher percentage on the Magic Drop.
  • Spirit Bomb- the typical trouble hitting the last pop through the triangle
  • Black Hops- the typical difficulty hitting the last two chops

There’s a kind of paradox with working on these. Sometimes when I practice an element over and over, I’ll keep missing it in the same fashion. I feel like I’m actually strengthening the mistake. As a drummer friend of mine says about this phenomenon in music, I’m learning to do it wrong; really well! Then it makes it all the more difficult to break those habits. I’ve got to make sure I’m changing what I’m doing, to make sure I don’t fall into that trap too much.

This has been alternately, fun and boring, but I feel I’ll come out of it a better player. Plus I’ve learned a couple of new-to-me tricks.


I’m having a hard time learning the trick magic drop got any tips


I can’t always land it, but these things help:
someone here posted to open the “L” as the yoyo is on the backside, I believe, of the throwhand. It helps it to reject. Also, give it only enough swing to nearly stall right above your hand. Spreading out the strings helps to land on the back one (Mr Yoyothrower has a great view of this on his magic drop youtube video). Figure out the “L” angle that works for your yoyo. Not all work being just straight or just angled down, in my experience. Hope this helps.



I find that it helps to push slightly down and out with my TH index as the yoyo is swinging over into the drop. This causes the strings to separate, and allows you to land on the one string. You still have to be accurate, and find the right amount to push out and down, but I’m hitting it much more consistently since discovering that.

Shock Wave is a great trick with which to practice Magic Drop. As it’s a repeater, you can do a lot of MD reps in a short period of time. If you land on both strings, you can easily pop the yoyo onto the back string, finish the rep, and continue.


Double assist. Stopped throwing for awhile so I’m trying to get back into it again. Have a skyva in the mail.


Cheese whip on a fixed axle.

(InvaderDust) #1169

Eli Hops - Keep string tension (not slacky) taught the eniterity of the trick. The landing is all in the throw hand. Make small adjustments either closer to you or farther from you. Looking at the gap of the yoyo can help gauge if there is a diagonal adjustment that would need to be made as well.

Suicide Catch- make 100% sure your string tension clean. Then do a small circle the same direction the loop is traveling during the toss. That tiny little circular motion can really help open it up. Other than that, its all about consistency.

Spirit Bomb-For the last triangle hop, try not to let the yoyo hit the “top” of its slack and get tight. If it goes that it makes the triangle alot smaller. By popping it up just enough to get up there, but not maxed. Keep it relaxed. Kendama knees will also give more time.


Kamikaze and Car Wash are next on my to do list.


Finding time to work on tricks regularly again since having a kid. Working on Spirit Bomb, finger spins, and double or nothing part of Black Hops. I actually also love breaking down stuff I know and trying it at different speeds, playing bouncier, and trying to get more precise. Sheer practice means I’m hitting magic drop without using an extra finger to open it up! Now just getting consistent at it…


Cold Fusion :wink:


Trying to learn the sport ladder. Right now I’m working on pop n fresh and boingy-boing.


I am working on “Slack Trapeze” :stuck_out_tongue:


I am having difficulty landing “brent stole” directly into a “reverse brent stole”. Any tips?


Bannana turnover and a Skin the Gerbil near or completely horizontal. Hard, but rewarding.

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Rejection to GT. I thought it was impossible a few days ago, and the last night i was hitting 2 outta 10. Feelin good!


^ I’m guessing the hard part is landing on the rejected segment?


I’m working on ripcord (I’m having trouble keeping the yo-yo straight after I land on the two strings)

Edit: I can do the trick now! I think what helped me was watching the video on strong throws.


Mine is kwijibo. Also trying to perfect everything I’ve learned so far. McBride roller coaster, matrix, rewind is where I’m at. How about you ?