What trick are you working on?

I’m only 6 months in. I did the “first 50”. You wont be disappointed… I think its the perfect base.

I wish the tricks app had a platform where you could share your progress. Maybe leaderboards. It could be more ya know? I’m getting about an hour throughout the day. I got a yoyoholster and bring my yoyo everywhere lol.

What throw did you learn on? I have a sage set up responsive and a replay pro unresponsive and got a B grade yeti coming.

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The first intermediate trick, Brain Twister, I learned was on my red Sage that was set up responsive. I then learned it on a responsive Replay. I’m glad I learned this trick on a responsive. It taught me how to throw straighter and better in general.

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I haven’t ticked that one off yet. Can mount it and do the flips but haven’t perfected it yet.

Alot of the stuff I think looks cool usually starts with the break away


It took me a few weeks to learn Brain Twister and the night it finally clicked for me - I could barely sleep that night because I was so excited!


Yo just figured out the split bottom mount! So now on working on brain twister, and split the atom. Iv only had this yoyo for a few days! I hope to keep progressing

Need to learn more binds too.


Congratulations! Keep it up!

Just got barrel rolls. Sloppily but got it. Moving right along!


That was the second trick that was crushing me. It’s simple once it’s learned but the learning can be tough. I’m glad you’re nailing it!

Didnt know you could suicide with responsive outside of stalls, guess you gotta have a really clean form

Theres a trick called calypso, I only watched a tutorial of it once a while ago. Working on a trick that uses elements of it. Hit it a few times already. Not sure if its exactly the same or not.

I guess it depends how responsive it is set up.
I can do it fine with my replay. Have only been bitten repeatedly by my day tripper. :cry:

What is the difference between a hydrogen mount and a 1.5 side mount?

Working on the hydrogen bomb and I think I got the mount but I got into it from a forward pass not a breakaway. And I can do the flips and dismount but that transition from the mount to the flips got me confused

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I’m giving a go at Bouncy Castle… Struggling a lot, btw…


Rancid Milk is one that I couldn’t fathom learning early on. Then a couple of years ago I watched that episode of “Lets Talk Yoyo” where Nate had decided to go back and learn “Rancid Milk”. I took that as a que and gave it another try. Totally worth it. Some of the elements stayed in my autopilot throwing.


At the moment I’m trying to get Chad Triangle off the SF tutorials. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. It’s elluded me for nearly a year, now.


Magic trick by Ann Connolly

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Trying to get blueline rolls down. 3a is really frustrating I’ve learned most of of the mounts but whenever I mess up the knots are the worst especially on blue line for me.


Zigzag triangle from cabin tutorials has given me problems for a long time . I screw up at the part where you twirl the slack but never get it into the mount that they get it into. I have no idea what I am doing wrong hoping some time away from it will make it click

Close to getting tressleys capris down and I am close to getting Ahmad Krishna’s labyrinth down but it’s a struggle .

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Hello, did you succeed in learning it?