what to do when you get your yoyo?

hey guys, just wanted to know want to know what do you guys first do when your yoyo comes in the mail and you unbox it? do u put lube on it , switch the bearing what?

Unbox and throw it but I’m a noob so thats just me.

Same. Course, I have only gotten one in the mail. ;D

That’s about right. I always play my new yoyo’s stock, then I clean and re-lube the bearing, not that it needs to be, its just the thing I do when I get a new throw.

I always always always put on a string on my new yoyo.

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Even the off-strings?


You gotta be kidding me :smiley:

yeah off-strings use strings so putthing on strings are considered as putting a string on the yoyo

When i get a new yoyo i admire it for a minute and then take it out of the box and play with it stock.

Put on a string and test it deppending on play I clean, lube, switch bearing, etc. Some yo-yos i will switch the bearing right a way, like the raptor or any auldey.

I lick it.

If not strung, I put the string on it. I also usually open it up to check everything before throwing and check out the response system if it’s a yo-yo I’ve never thrown before. There would be nothing worse than throwing and having a yo-yo suddenly come back up and hit you in the face if it were pre strung and had a tangle prior to being packaged.

That’s what happened to me, form some stupid reason my protostar came with the string stuck in the spacer and bearing, and you know how the spacers are kind of stuck? Well I tried everything but they wouldn’t move so I emailed yoyofactory and they blamed me saying they don’t ship with the string attached. The face hitting part didn’t happen though.

Unbox. Examine. String. Throw. Throw. Throw. Change String. Throw. …

  1. sneak out of work early
  2. drive (too fast) back home
  3. rant about where my I hope you don’t think that replacing two letters with ** will make what you said any better scissors are, get in a fight with my wife
  4. go out and have a smoke
  5. apologize while opening the box
  6. get the throw out
  7. watch what kind of bearing is in
  8. most likely change for a KK
  9. try to find a CW
  10. ask my wife to make me an assorted CW cover (more on these later)
  11. choose the string color and type for this throw
  12. put the CW on the string
  13. put the string on the yoyo
  14. throw a few times
  15. go back smoking one, with the yoyo this time

then later on

  1. take some pictures of the yoyo
  2. work on these pictures
  3. publish them on the internet
  4. wait for comments
  5. maybe write a review
  6. Publish the review
  7. wait for comments
  8. update my collection list online while waiting for comments

etc… etc…

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Thanks Icthus

Unbox it, put a string on it and play with it

Show my mom it’s not the same as all my other yoyos then play with it

I put my homemade string on it, can’t use the stock string I’m too paranoid that it will break… That’s about it unless I see fit to mod it later, I plan on switching out the pogs in the ONE I’m getting with some pony pictures… Luna most likely. :smiley:

It’s MY yoyo.