What to do when USPS messes up?

I made a side effect trade with YoRed, who is an awesome guy and is really not to be blamed for this mishap. I got his envelope today in the mail with the side effects inside. I opened it extremely excited only to find one half of the side effect inside…There was a “side effect” sized hole in the Baggie and envelope. My question is this, What should I do? From what I know, the PO can’t do anything because it wasn’t an insured package? If anyone has any tips or wisdom about what to do feel free to share it. I contacted YoRed and we will be working something out, I just want to know if the PO should be held responsible.

Yes you and him can do at least one thing each.
Go to the post office that processed the package locally.
bring your side effect with.
Ask them if they have in the lost and found a second half of that. Also have him do it.
Normally the sort facility is not the one you walk into and pay/send out mail. Keep that in mind.
Chances are it happened either at the first place or somewhere closer to the first place.
So its more likely the guy who sent it might be able to find it. This is not something they would just toss. it will sit in some place for the next 6ish months or longer waiting for someone looking for it.
Some advice about having that not happen in the future is to put a stiff piece of card stock into the package and have them stamp both sides “Do not bend.” It won’t go through the automated machines that way.
Its a long shot but it’s also your only shot. if there was tracking you can do some home work and call each place it was sorted and see if they have it in their lost and found. It being something so odd it might be hard to explain what it is though. Good luck, bud.


Wow that sucks. I know if we ever traded, I’d probably just stop by your house since you’re only about an hour and a half from me.

Thanks for the advice guys! I will try to call places and see if I can find it. I talked to YoRED and he is willing to replace them, If I can find it maybe I can save him $12.

Tux, if we ever trade we will definitely meet half way between where we live or something!

Was there a hole in the envelope too?

Nvm, I can’t read.

Anyway, good luck. At the end of the day, the worst that could happen is that you lose out on a $12 side effect.


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Yeah, it’s a total bummer. But Im glad I’m working with a trustworthy forum member, he said he will replace them for me. Thanks to everyone who has given me advice!


Really I think they could look but wont pay you.

Honestly, not trying to be mean, but it was a bad idea to ship in an envelope. Hear lots of horror stories from shipping in an envelope

You’re right Dingo. No malicious intent here, and nothing totally reckless either, but any hard item needs cushioning of some sort to prevent it from breaking. Also, anything with sharp edges like Side Effects, is susceptible to poking through basic paper or plastic and ending up lost. This is the reason I never suggest putting small parts in a baggie during shipping, and I do not recommend shipping in an envelope. A box just prevents so many of these kinds of mishaps. It was a packing error. Yored will know to adjust packing those kinds of items in the future. He is doing the right thing to compensate you for this. I doubt USPS will locate such a small item that was lost. I’m glad this worked out for both of you.

I wrote this article to help. Review the part about shipping assembled throws. It mentions some of what happened here: