What the heck is this Freehand? Vader?

Could use a fhz experts’ opinion on this one: I got this modded fhz a while back, it’s this transitional colour I haven’t seen before: it’s not like the Takeshi chameleon that’s purple to green, its a chameleon that goes purple to gold, and there’s no signs that it’s a clear that’s been painted from the inside.

It has a flowable recess and marks on the bolt to ensure its smooth so whoever modded this knew what they were doing. Previous owner said it came capless so he popped some Hayabusa caps on there, I’m curious what the OG caps were and if this was a specific modders work or some special edition fhz that someone relatively nameless (but still quite skilled, this thing slaps) beefed up.

Thanks in advanced for your help :slight_smile:


@yoyojoe @sparhawk @yoyospirit any thoughts?


I know nothing of this FH, however I’ll give you bump and say that color is stunning!

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Luke Vader was a well known modder along with atomic cow on TheYo forum a few years back. Theyo forum was sponsored by TheYo Store (defunct). They specialized in FHZ mods. At the time, the work of both of them was in demand. Luke Vader was known for mods and dye jobs. Atomic cow did some mods and fantastic paint jobs. Luke and AC were also moderators on TheYo forum.

The FHZ color scheme was a stock issue at the time.

Yes, Luke was skilled. Haven’t seen him in a great while.


Heres my Vader :heart::heart:


For that vintage the cap design was pretty much like this one.


Color was probably white like shown here.


It looks like a triad fhz

I believe they were carried by yoyoguy and takas store as well as one other I can’t remember.


One of the crown jewels in my collection is a FHV. It’s nothing super fancy but it’s just such a good throw and an excellent example of the skill modding requires. It’s a standard FHZ, blue w/ green caps (like the picture on YoYoWiki), silicone recessed as well as satin sanded so not only does it play smooth, it has a nice soft smooth hand feel instead of the shiny tacky plastic that stock freehands are known for.


He was active on Instagram sporadically a few years back (ok thinking back it was close to 5 years at this point) and seemed to be doing well, hopefully that’s still the case.


Was going to say this. The triad were done in collaboration with the YoYoguy, Bird in hand, and SpinGear urls around the center. They were similar to the Takeshi but were offered in a different color flip-flop.

LukeVader was the goat btw! We did some fun collabs back in the day. He did some pretty great work. If you ever find some Vader stuff, it’s going to be quality :+1: