Metal FHZ

Here’s pic’s it is the pink sparkle in the first image and 2nd on the left top row in the second one I am trying to find more imformain about it. I know it was modded and painted by Luke Vader.
(I know it’s not metal but it is something like that)

are all of these really yours? :o

It is the Metäl by Atomic Cow and Luke Vader. Only ten were originally sold for $60, but there were a few more that AC and Luke kept for themselves. For more information read [this thread].



Do you know how they painted them?

I don’t know exactly how those were painted, but here is a conversation I had with AC about [this Hitman].

[quote=Atomic Cow]About a dozen very thin layers of acrylic paint that I mixed myself with special glow powder and rare pigments. That design takes almost three weeks to paint, as you have to wait for each layer to dry completely before going on to the next.

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