what size KK goes into a yyf lunatic?

title says it all

First of all, thanks for giving this topic a good title.

Second of all, why do you want a Koncave? If it’s because you like the feel of it, it’s the only Koncave size there is: C. If it’s because you want help centering the string, work on your throw.

Third of all, pie is good. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are size A KK’s, as well as size D.

Also I think there’s a size of KKs for ILYY and Oxy sized, I think referred to as metric.

But so far there’ve only been LB lunatics, so it would be size C…

okay thanks guy and i want one because i tried a centre track and a yyj ill be trying a yyf and i want to try a KK to see what i like the most my throw is pretty solid ^.^