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I am confused by the size of the YFF bearing in my Lunatic. I am going to get a center track bearing for it, but i don’t know if I should get size A or C. Thanks.

Size C.

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Okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :wink:

size C is right, but center trac or konkave bearings are not worth it ive heard they make any slack or whip trick a lot harder!

the only think a center trac bearing does it keep the string in the middle of the bearing so that it will not bind as easy.

It doesn’t necessarily make binding harder. If you are unable to bind with it in, you just need to practice binding.

True! :slight_smile:

Why would it make it harder to do a slack or whip. Bearings can’t effect whips or slacks. Strings do, but not bearings. :wink:

I have a center-trac and I love it! I have heard alot of BAD things about them not lasting long and being loud but mine is just the oppisite of that. Maybe I just got lucky.

ya sorry about the i really didnt mean bind as in the binding move, i ment it as in it keeps the string to the middle of the bearing so you dont get more friction on the response system like you would with a bad throw or when you have multipule strings around the bearing