What size K-pads?

The K-pads in my G5 are wearing out… I know they take the standard 888 size but to save some money on shipping Im going to get a set for my GM2… Does the GM2 take the standard size too?

You should be able to just compare the sizes and tell.

Also, I suggest Flowable silicone if you don’t want to pay for shipping. There’s lots of places you can get it really easily.

im not realy sure but try some flowable silicon

I cant find flowable silicone any where… and Im making an order anyways so I figured I pick up a set or two

get your flowable silicone at any auto parts store(pep boys,kragen,auto zone etc.) 5$ worth will last you forever. Binds are TIGHT.

I never tried auto zone… I went to Menards and asked where the flowable silicone was and their like “What-able silicone?”

those shops selling toolboxes should have flowable silicone

ask for windshield sealant