What should I buy?

So, I’m buying a Buddha Buffet Bearing Sample pack. Along with that, I’m choosing between buying a YYF One (Gacek Edition, includes CenterTrac) with the YYF Bearing-Stickers pack (Includes CenterTrac X) just for 15 bucks all and a Speedaholic. What do you guys think would be a better deal?

One of the Buddha bearings is practically a center trac isn’t it?

My thoughts exactly. HAHAHA. But wouldn’t it be good to have a lot of bearing choices? What would you choose? More bearing choices or a Speedaholic?

I would go with the sticker pack and speedaholic. The speedaholic is WAY better then the one, and the CTX is an improved CT.

Went with the Speedaholic and the Buddha Sample Pack. ($28 total) It’s cheaper than buying the sticker pack and the Speedaholic ($25 total) because I get three bearings from the Buddha Pack rather than just one from the sticker pack.

The reason why I added the YYF One is because it’ll give a $7 discount to the sticker pack. Another reason is because the YYF One Gacek Edition had a free CT with it. So, it’d cost $15 for the One and the CT and CTX.

I think you should do the speedaholic with the buddha sample pack and the buddha whipple. That gives you all of the shape options so you can get a feel of what you like. If you happen to like the buddha bearing that’s similar to the center trac then pick up a center trac X.

I already ordered what you said except the Whipple. My funds can’t cut it anymore. HAHAHA. Adding the Speedaholic actually made me go a little over my budget. HAHA. This will be my last buy in a while.

But isn’t the Ripple like a Center Trac X since it’s curved and a 10 ball?

Haha well trades are always there. If u don’t like any of those bearings I’ve been meaning to try them and will trade or buy them off u.

And as for the ripple and center trac x. They may look the same and have similar qualities but I’m sure they perform somewhat different but I’m not sure. I love my center trac x but haven’t tried the Buddha bearings yet.