Bearing comparison

Which is better? yyj speed bearing or yyf central trac bearing?

Would just go for centertrak. Especially since you can pick up the gacek One and it comes with a free centertrak and it’s only $10

it’s preference really, but most people i’d say prefer center trac as do i.

I pretty much throw the center trac’s in every throw. But it’s all preference.

Definitely the Center Trac bearing. But I prefer the Crucial Grooved bearing and it’s cheaper :slight_smile:

What about yyf central trac and koncave? Which would you prefer?

I play both but ATM I like konkave better. The concept of it makes most sense to me than any other bearing.

And in my experience ten ball bearings are smoother and quieter. Don’t spin longer IMO tho.

Center trac still allows for layers while still keeping the string centered so I prefer that more

Konkave does the same but centers the string more than the center trac.