What’s on your desk?

Making this more useful what’s on your desk let’s see it. Mess and all.

I might also still post stuff I’m tinkering on but I’m incredibly inundated with stuff to deal with so idk I’ll get to it.

Also uhh check your not posting PII or anything work related before tossing a picture up here….

So I usually have a handful of random yo-yos on my desk that need something or bearings that need to be cleaned or something I want to tinker on or just string needing a good wash.

Whatever the project I usually have a thing to do on my desk, after a month away for work travel I’ve got stuff that has accumulated and I figured I would share and ask what others have on there desk that needs something or a project they are working on they are willing to share.

The Duncan imperial is cracked inside and I need to sand down the crack to make it playable again.
The bumblebee is drying after getting some clear silicone and I need to clean the bearing I want to use on this.
The AL2000 needs another shim to work the way I want it.
The OUT acorn needs to be glued at some point.
The vhs thing is getting restored and passed along I just need to cut down the screw I’m using to size and fiddle a tad but the guts are there. I also need to cut some plastic to size as replacement pogs.


Haven’t made much progress on things besides finally replacing all the bad bearings in the b grades I got from yyf in may.

However I have another project. It’s sentimental otherwise it would be trash but my sister in laws dog ate my daughters yoyo.

I’ll have to see if I can sand it down and glue it back together.


An old trick for fixing or reducing indentations in wood surfaces “could” help. You need a moist rag and an iron. Heat the iron up, place the moist rag over the flat surface then apply the iron to the rag. The idea is that it forces steam down into the porous surface of the wood causing the indentations to swell. If it did the trick, you may not need to sand nearly as much. Hope it helps.


So. The posts I was tracking progress on some projects I was doing is closed. Bst posts do that and I don’t like updating multiple posts anyway.

So I’ll just keep going here if no one minds.

Got a turbo bumblebee as part of a trade. The cork was worn heavily so I replaced it and hot damn it’s great. Swapped a clean bearing in while I was at it.

So now for the green thing I’m restoring to give away.

I initially tried a smaller bearing and spacer set which worked fine but wasn’t great. So I swapped it to a larger bearing on the original brass spacers and gave it fresh cork as the old cork was slipping a bunch. And it plays pretty good.

All I really need now is to find pogs or something arts to cut to fit as caps so it looks nice.

I also finally glued my acorn it plays alright

I also made the most viby yoyo I’ve ever touched. I acquired some spare Alebrije halves and got two equal weight halves together to make a pretty decently tuned Alebrije which I’m happy with. Then the screwing around with stuff part of my brain kicked in and created an abomination with the scraps. The halves are 5g different from each other and the screw I doubt is center. It’s a near wobbly mess on the string.


So I have a bad habit of tossing stuff on my desk through the week and not cleaning up till the end of the work week.

So I’ll change this from Brandon’s pet projects he will eventually get done thread to what’s on your desk?

The weekly saga where at least I and maybe others show off things they probably should have put away but instead the neurodivergent tendencies won out.


I try to keep it clean unless I’m in the middle of a project.


Another week another pile of toys on the desk to put away.


Uppercut, KO, and SnapBack! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Organic gang going green.


flipper zero nice!

At the moment just a few Capso canisters I’ve been experimenting with (different materials) and a curvy donut man.


What is the red and orange half swap? Looks right up my alley love that shape.

Talking about this one?

If so that’s an old orange match and red loop 720 that both broke. I removed the caps (they are glued in so it’s a pain to do) and then matched the good halves of each and left the caps off cause I kind of like the no cap look and feel.

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Nice. Didn’t realize thats what they look like under the caps. I have a set of loop 720’s. Never used the match though.

Match is the same body as the loop 720 just different guts. I think I have sunrise spacers and bearings in that right now or maybe that’s what came in the match. Can’t remember at this point.



Too much crap.


I rarely get a chance to throw when I’m in the office…they are mainly decorations most of the time.

I do enjoy looking at them throughout the day. :rofl:

Currently on desk Cloudberry/Panorama. RSO always in my pocket.


Yoyo player, guitar player, artist, photographer and you design surfboard’s :hugs: :heart_eyes_cat:


This is what I’m looking at now…Often have a few min, and at lunch i always get to throw.


*judging your speedcube