always came to my mind what happend to DBYY? they made some sweet throws so why do they just shut down?

Death By Yoyo?

The story was that the owner of that particular company had scammed many people in the community via disappearing out of the scene by using the excuse that someone passed away in his family or something like that. My memory is a bit hazy but I remember specifically that there was yoyos that he never supplied to people after he took their money.

People were definitely not happy. Thankfully he is gone.


That is basically the story that I heard from somebody who was supposed to get an EKG from DBYY. I had one at the time and this other yoyoer really wanted it for a trade but it was allready traded to somebody else. Really great yoyo but apparently very bad reputation for not suppling people with throws.

OHH wow does, pretty surprizing i really wanted to see if he make a comeback this way i could have a shot to get a gung or if im lucky ekg plz let me know if you or you know somebody thats has and EKG or Gung i am dying for one