What pads can you put in a General Yo KLR?

I just got a KLR today and I’m super excited, but I need to replace the pads. I believe it had thin Hat Pads in it, and they were just old. I’m hoping that the spare set of YYR pads I have will fit so I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to throw it, but does anybody know which pads General Yo Yoyos can use?

The KLR uses thick hat pads.

I would think flowable silicone would be an option to consider.

Hat Pads or Silicone

Thanks for the quick replies. It’s going to have to be Silicone for me. The YYR pads I have stick above the recess quite a bit.

Yes silicone works but the recess isn’t very deep so it works just won’t last as long as the pads.

I think my next YYE order will include a few sets of the pads. I got an Essence, KLR and 7075 Majesty to support.

I miss my General Yo now :frowning: I used to have a KLR, Purple Mountain Majesty and a pre pro Majesty v2. All are now gone. :-\

I feel that way about my old Lost Essence. Although I have many other Gen yos, that was my first :-\