What Not To Do While Throwing..

Well, I feel that we have all had our moments, when we have done something completely stupid which resulted in an unfortunate result while doing what we do best. Haha just last week I had picked up my Avalanche to throw. Upon throwing said return top it had unscrewed came apart. One half rolled one way the other the opposite, over concrete. Make sure your trows are properly tightened before you throw them!

I am going to enforce the rule “don’t throw near people, pets, or objects”. I was on Skype with my friend and I was teaching him a trick while I was throwing my mint condition Drop Bear. Apparently, I was too close to my desk, and the yoyo hit it. By some miracle, the yoyo is still mint. However, my desk now has a large dent in its faux wood construction.

My friend threw my Rev Rim (already far from mint) and it flew to pieces!!! The only thing left on the string loop was its pathetically over lubed bearing (the original owner apparently didn’t know how to apply lube lol).

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One time I wasn’t paying attention and wound up a string that wasn’t threaded around the bearing. You know what happened next.



slightly less oof.

Sorry for ya bro. Ooof.

Always catch right, and never return your strongest throw instantly.

Threw my dv888 as hard as I could, I was called bby someone, so I returned it before i did any trick. Something went the wrong way, and the only thing that touched my hand was one of the flared rims. And it connected with only the end of my index fingernail.
Most pain I’ve felt from a yoyo in my life.

Don’t chew bubble gum while throwing.
I blew a big bubble in the middle of a trick and it popped… all over my face.

Try binding with Hubba Bubba in your eyes.

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Don’t watch Disney movies while throwing. Nobody can possibly concentrate on yoyoing and dodging snags when distracted by animated cuteness.


Don’t touch your face too often, especially when you have oily face. It will turn your string dirty in no time. Also the yoyo might get sticky #yuck

sounds like you need to shower more bro, lolol.

For any one that likes their hair long or just hasn’t made it to the hair cuttin place in a while never let the yoyo get to close to your head! Having your hair tangled in a yoyo really sucks a lot

I was walking down a street with some friends, throwing. I got an axle knot on my Chief, so I unscrewed it to fix the string. I forgot to put the string back on the bearing and continued to reassemble it.

Then I tried to do a spin start. My Chief went rolling down the sidewalk :stuck_out_tongue:

ohhhhggghhhh… :frowning:

Not sad, glad! We all thought it was hilarious.

Well, I learned not to use polyester on a yoyo with a wooden axle. In school, I threw a break away as hard as I could on a Profly, the string snapped, the yoyo shot up, and hit the ceiling, barely an inch from the light.

Pop a fiesta in the air have it hit the ceiling on accident and land in a garbage can perfectly. epic moment but wasn’t suppose to happen

Play with a Henry’s Cobra right by a sandbox…

What not to do. Eat a cheeseburger with one hand and hold your drink in the other. if you throw, your gonna throw one of the 2 items in ur hand as well.

I don’t recommend yoyo’ing after you’ve had a few too many to drink… split my chin open - lucky the beard covers it up but took a while to stop the bleeding. WAR WOUNDS

Anything with an Off-string yo-yo.